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Focus and Scope

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Landslides and the Environment (IJLE) is a common platform for publication of integrated research on all aspects of landslides. The journal publishes research papers, quick reports of recent landslides and environmental degradation issues, and technical reports of various geodisaster-related case studies. Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions. The subject areas include, but are not limited to, the following fields:

Landslide dynamics, mechanisms and processes

Urban, marine and reservoir landslide processes

Landslide related flash floods and tsunami

Landslide hazard assessment and mapping

GIS applications and remote sensing

Landslide monitoring

Landslide remedial or preventive measures

Landslide database

Landslide dams and their stability

Landslide classification in theHimalaya

Rainfall-induced landslides

Earthquake-induced landslides

Anthropogenic controls on landslides

Landsides in soil

Landslides in rock

Soil slope stability and stabilization

Rock slope stability and stabilization

Stability of dams and embankments

Seepage simulation and stability assessment

Landslides in heritage areas, monitoring and mitigation

Validation of landslide hazard and risk maps

Groundwater monitoring in landslide site

Tunnels and bridges in landslide area

Use of geosynthetics in landslide mitigation

Foundations on landslide slopes

Geomorphology and hydrogeology of old landslide topography

Early warning of rainfall induced landslides and evacuation processes

Community landslide monitoring and mitigation

Landslide hazard management at community level

Landslide debris management

Physical and numerical modeling of landslides and flash floods

Landslides in higher elevations, types, process and monitoring

Landslide safe society

Economics of landslide and related geodisasters

Landslide and cultivation practices

Snow avalanche in the Higher Himalaya

Debris flows

Landslides and infrastructure development

Rock fall problems in scarce population environment

Debris flow problems in roads and irrigation canals

Landslide safe road construction practice

Snow cover in theHimalaya

Environment friendly low cost roads

Rural infrastructures and landslides

Publication program

There are three Issues of International Journal of Landslide and Environment (IJLE) each year. It is an internationally refereed journal dedicated to publishing the latest advancements in different areas of landslides and related geodisasters. The IJLE is published as both open access online and hard copy print. The Himalayan Landslide Society believes that an open access online publication attracts a worldwide audience and thus increases the visibility and impact of published works. It also enhances indexing in many online search engines. Scholars from all relevant academic fields are invited to submit high-quality manuscripts that describe the latest, state-of-the-art research results or innovations in landslides and related geodisasters. IJLE accepts both individual and organizational contributions covering the research topics listed in the aim and scope of the journal.

Calls for papers are announced in the HiLS homepage and also in online social media. The first issue of the Journal will be published as an abstract volume of the 11th International Symposium on Mitigation of Geo-disasters inAsia(MGDA-11) to be held in October 2013. Regular volumes will be published from January 2014. 


Section Policies


This section accept Extended Abstract of MGDA-11.

  • Netra Bhandary
  • Ranjan Dahal
  • Manita Timilsina
Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Original Article

This section accept manuscript for original article.

  • Netra Bhandary
  • Ranjan Dahal
Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Technical Notes

This section accepts manuscript for Technical Note.

  • Netra Bhandary
  • Ranjan Dahal
Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Full Paper MGDA-11

This section accepts manuscript for MGDA-11 proceeding volume.

  • Netra Bhandary
  • Ranjan Dahal
Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Letters to the Editor

A letter to Editor

  • Netra Bhandary
  • Ranjan Dahal
Checked Open Submissions Unchecked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically and they are initially reviewed by the Associated Editors, and will be assigned to an editor. If the paper is judged to be suitable for possible publication, it will be sent to two or more reviewers using our database of experts. All articles except letter to editor, undergo this process of standard review process.

IJLE employs a double-blind review process. The identities of the reviewers and authors are kept confidential. The manuscript under review is not revealed to anyone other than the reviewers and editorial team. Reviewers are required to maintain confidentiality about the manuscripts they review. Exceptionally, when reviewer wish to disclose his/her name to author, an associate editor will do it on decision letter. Authors should expect to receive an initial decision on their manuscript within 2–6 weeks of submission. If revision of the manuscript is required, the authors must submit within four weeks of the request. 



Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.



This journal utilizes the LOCKSS system to create a distributed archiving system among participating libraries and permits those libraries to create permanent archives of the journal for purposes of preservation and restoration. More...